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With Valentines Day to soon be out of the picture, it's all about the Easter Treats if you ask me. I love nothing more than using the seasonal treats as an excuse for more baking. Recently I was lucky enough to receive a Baking subscription box, Bake Box which featured an incredible silicone Bundt Cake mould. I've since been hooked on making various Bundt Cakes, with today's post featuring our favourite to date. The whole bake is effortless, instead of making up my own cake mix I decided to use the Red Velvet cake mix from Betty Crocker we had lying around. It saved a lot of time compared to a lot of the other Bundt Cake recipes I've made. I also saved time when it came to decorating the cake. Having made my own White Chocolate Ganache previously, it was such a faff that I had a little google for simpler recipes. Switching dark chocolate for a white chocolate & the lighter version of condensed milk, the cheats White Chocolate Ganache was quite the success, with all us preferring it to the real thing. Here's how to make my Red Velvet Bundt Cake with my 'cheats' White Chocolate Ganache, finished with Crushed Cadbury Mini Eggs. Let me know if you happen to have a go at making one! Lucy xx

Cheats Guide //
Buy Red Velvet Box Mix, make cake and pour into well greased tin. Bake until golden. Allow to cool for an hour or so. Pop out the mould. Turn right side up. Icing time. Condensed Milk & White Chocolate melted together. Pour over cake and allow to cool and set. Top with Mini Eggs. Lucy xx


  1. Wow Lucy this looks so effective and professional. I love baking at Valentines and Easter, it’s the perfect excuse! Lovely recipe and bake! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you so much Helen, you always leave the loveliest of comments! x

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks lovely! If you do get round to making it, let me know! x


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