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Lumiere Mineral Cosmetics Review // Powder & Blush

Hi lovelies, so a little while back I was sent 7 samples from a Mineral Makeup company called Lumiere Cosmetics. They're based in America, however they sent and are still sending samples to fellow bloggers everywhere. I thought I'd leave it a while to post my review since my dashboard was jam packed with these reviews, though I read every one and each one seemed to have different products and shades which was great. 

I had never heard of this company before until I saw a few bloggers mentioning the sample offers, then Lumiere emailed a questionnaire for me to fill in about my skin type, shade, colours I'd like to try and a little more about yourself and products and to include a photo so they could match you up perfectly. Can I just say how excellent they matched up over the Internet. 
Lumiere believe that there is a unique, inherent beauty in everyone. That we are all at our most confident when beauty is highlighted and heightened. This is why they have formulated their products to provide this. Now I for one, do not leave the house these days without makeup. Even to go to the shop or like last night to B&Q for Christmas items, where hardly anyone was, I still felt the need. The cosmetics naturally enhance your finest features and minimise problem areas, which in turn allowed each skin type to look and feel smooth and radiant.

Onto the six samples I received. I received two face powders, two blushers and 3 Pigments. They all came in small pots, black lids and silver labels, just as the full size product would. 

L - Light Cool R - Fair Cool
The two face powders I received could not be a better match. These match me better than any other powders I've used in the past. I've used either one of these everyday since receiving these.
The first - in the shade Light cool. - Flawless face.
The second - in the shade Fair cool. - Cashmere.
Both do give me a flawless finish, compliments every time I have these on. Overall I prefer the Light cool, because I do like a flawless finish, without much hassle. This I just apply with my regular kabuki brush after I apply my foundation and blush and I'm done. Doesn't require much blending in. Now for someone with dry skin and these mineral makeup products, you wouldn't think they'd apply smoothly. I'm surprised and now converted. Even on my bad skin days, my makeup looks smooth as can be. I will purchase a full size when I use these two powders up.

Top - Poppy. Bottom - Cherry Blossom

Next are the two blushes I received. Cherry blossom, a silk blush and Poppy one of their regular blushes. Poppy is my favourite blush out of the two. Poppy is more of a peachy pink while cherry blossom is a darker shade of pink. Both blend in really well and are so pigmented, a little really does go a long way. I haven't used any other blushers of mine since these arrived. Again I'm really shocked that mineral makeup works for my skin and how well they matched them to me. These looks really natural and like the powder have received a lot of compliments. I apply these with my regular angled brush, though with the little pots in can get a bit messy, you wouldn't have this with full size.

L - Raspberry Truffle. C - Creme Brulee. R - Bittersweet

Lastly the three eye pigments. Creme Brulee, this was the first shade I wrote on my questionnaire, I love more neutral shades and of course you know by now how much I love Creme Brulee. Creme Brulee has a silky matte finish. Next I received, Bittersweet, the shade reminded me of the song and again it's a neutral shade. I don't really wear bright eyeshadows, call me boring. Bittersweet is a velvety brown. Now the last, always seems to look different in every light, Raspberry truffle, a dark brown, with ALOT of purple sparkle. I wouldn't wear this shade as an everyday. More of an evening shade. These again blend so well and creme brulee and bittersweet go together so well. I haven't used these everyday, nothing beats my naked palette but for my first mineral eye pigments I am very impressed.

You can buy samples yourself, for a lot less and still get plenty of product, while for the mineral face powders you can buy extra large for $18. Which is such good value!

Have you tried any of these cosmetics before? What did you think? Were you on of the lucky bloggers to be sent some samples to try? Or simply what is your favourite shade above or product you'd love to try? I love to hear back.


  1. Never heard of this company but the swatches look great! Might have to give them a google

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  2. Ive seen these over several blogs recently and I love the look of them!! The colours you got are gorgeous as well xx

  3. I've never tried these before, but they sound great! I keep hearing about Lumiere, I'll have to check them out. :)

    xx Jessica

  4. liking your blog and rewiev ,follow :)

    btw if u have time:

    (yeah im new to bloggin :( )

  5. Thanks for the review, I have to check these out. Do you think the foundation would be good for someone with oily/acne prone skin?

    That’s So Fletch
    xo, Jay

  6. @Jenna yes! Def would be suitable for oily acne skin, It covers over spots amazingly and powder is always good for oily skin. xx

  7. I was waiting to see your opinion on them haha!
    Glad you like them too, I just ran out of my samples of powder and I'm definitely gonna buy a full size.. I've worn the blush everyday too, such a lovely brand! :)

    Lovely post as usual! :)


  8. Another lovely post lucy!!


  9. Ooh can't wait to receive mine Hun, they look like fab products .

  10. This stuff looks really good, I always find it hard to match makeup up with my skin tone. Like others I have never heard of them before, but I'll check them out. Enjoy them! XxxX

  11. these mineral shadows look great, I love the shimmer from them!

  12. Gorgeous swatches :)

    I received some items from this company as well - I have the same blushers as you...they are great colours! xx


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