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Herbalife // Soothing Gel

Along with the two products I've mentioned, this Soothing Gel is part of Herbalife's new Herbal Aloe range. This lightweight gel formula is packed with Aloe Vera and the botanicals the other 5 contain. Unlike other Aloe Vera gels on the market Herbalife claim theirs is fragrance free, paraben and sulphate free & the best part...non greasy! This will absorb into the skin a lot quicker, providing faster relief & comfort. A 200ml tube retails at just £8.63.

Packaging again is the exact same that all 6 products come in, all that varies is the colour of text on each tube. Together all three items I have here look great stood on my dressing table.

This has been a saviour while it's been incredibly humid, the gel itself isn't sticky. Most Aloe Vera gels take forever to sink into the skin and require sitting in the fridge for a few hours before...the product..not me actually cools your skin. The soothing gel will be coming with me if I do get a winter getaway this year. I miss having multiple holidays each year, especially as it's pouring down with rain as I write this. I concentrated on dry patches of skin and with the other three products I've noticed a big difference to how smooth, moisturised and nourished my skin looks and feels. I love my Aloe Vera products, I blame my Mum!
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  1. This looks amazing. I suffer with awful dry ski, especially on holiday so this looks perfect :)
    I've just started following too

    1. It's really great, it'd be perfect for your holiday :) I don't people really give time to read on this brand, it's brilliant!


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