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Lush // The Snowman Bubbleroon Review

Despite being the Lush addict we all know I am, I've been a little hasty in using and reviewing my little pick me up treats this year (find my Lush Christmas 2017 Haul here). In all honesty I haven't had the time to enjoy long relaxing soaks, a quick festive shower with some Snow Fairy and scrub with Buche de Noel has been as much as it gets some days. However, this week our shower has decided to pack in - Can we find a plumber to fix the situation? Can we heck. Thankfully with my Dad due back in for his next round of work shifts, the bathroom queue is going to be a little quicker, as he showers at work, leaving the only difficulty over Christmas Weekend, into New Year when my brother visits for the week. We'll get around it I'm sure - with plenty of time off for everyone, I'll be sure to enjoy more baths - especially after using The Snowman Bubbleroon I'm sharing today.
an image of Lush Christmas 2017 The Snowman Bubbleroon Review
The Snowman Bubbleroon £4.25 is brand new to the 2017 Christmas Collection, though usually Lush produce a nourishing snowman themed bath product each year. My favourite would have to be the melting snowman - when he smelt of Snowcake, compared to Hot Toddy. That little guy was adorable and packed a lot of cocoa butter into your bath. However, The Snowman Bubbleroon may have just topped it - well actually there's no doubt about it...HE HAS. If there's one product worth picking up this week, before we say goodbye to the festive treats for another year, I urge you to create your own snowman army.
an image of Lush Christmas 2017 The Snowman Bubbleroon Review
Instead of being classed as a regular Bubble Bar, The Snowman is actually a Bubbleroon - Lush actually discontinued the majority of their Bubbleroons this year which saddened me greatly as someone who suffers with eczema and dry skin. I've always appreciated the extra nourishing butters they pack into these bath products, making them worth paying that little bit more for. For those who aren't quite sure on Bubbleroons - you use them in the same way as a bubble bar, crumble your desired size piece under warm running water, give your water a good swish to help create more bubbles and you'll notice how much more hydrating the water feels on your skin without being oily and leaving both your skin and bath tub slippery. He's also a great product for someone who isn't interested in the flashy, brightly coloured waters and golden lustre Lush include in a lot of their bath products (hence no bath shots).
an image of Lush Christmas 2017 The Snowman Bubbleroon Review
Despite Lush always increasing prices, The Snowman is definitely well worth the price tag - I've managed to get two long, incredibly hydrating and bubble filled baths from my first - though you could easily get 3-4 depending on how big your tub is. Each time the bathroom has been filled with the most beautiful fragrance of Sicilian lemon and lemon myrtle oil, giving you that added lift on those stubbornly dark, and bitterly cold days. Lush have actually packed The Snowman Bubbleroon with Fair Trade Shea Butter, to nourish and hydrate, along with Soya Milk Powder - brilliant that they now use Soya Milk Powder compared to regular Milk Powder. There's also Cocoa Butter & of course, decoration includes an adorable nose made out of the bubbleroon formula and juniper berries for his eyes - both of mine seemed to lose either an eye or a nose on the way home.

Have you picked up The Snowman Bubbleroon yet? I'd love to hear your thoughts on my favourite product from this years collection. I'm wishing I could get down to my local to stock up - though I've hinted well to Santa's Little Helpers. Lucy xx
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