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Sunken Chocolate and Sloe Gin Cake // with Hayman's Gin

Whilst you'd find me baking the majority of my spare time each week, I've been slacking on the sweet treat front recently. You'd think with the festive period well and truly in full swing I'd be creating tray after tray of Christmas Cookies, Brownies and all sorts of other delicious treats as other years but in reality I've been absolutely shattered or lacking on patience. However on a cosy evening, I settled down to watch Nigella - her latest series to go with her new book At The Table, has just finished on BBC though you'll catch it on iPlayer still. I'm planning on re-watching to gather a few more ideas - especially as I missed half of the festive special. One particular recipe finally inspired me enough to put the Sloe Gin I was kindly sent over by Hayman's to good use, putting my own spin on the Princess' (sorry Nigella but Mary Berry still remains Queen) Sunken Chocolate Amaretto Cake with crumbled Ameretti Cream.
an image of Sunken Chocolate and Sloe Gin Cake Recipe
an image of Sunken Chocolate and Sloe Gin Cake Recipe
an image of Sunken Chocolate and Sloe Gin Cake Recipe
an image of Sunken Chocolate and Sloe Gin Cake Recipe
This cake is similar to one I've made in the past, though a lot thinner and a whole lot more indulgent. The Sloe Gin works wonderfully with the dark chocolate, this dark, squidgy chocolate cake is the perfect supper time treat when accompanied with family and friends, leaving you feeling warm, festive and fuzzy inside - whilst the White chocolate mousse I chose to serve each slice with, adds an extra naughtiness to the dessert without the calories of a heavily whipped cream - though who counts calories in this period? I sure as hell don't think we should! If you're new to Sloe Gin I'll leave the description to Hayman's - found here. No Festive Party would be complete without it. You still have time to buy yours from retailers like Ocado, Amazon, Harvey Nichols and more.
an image of Sunken Chocolate and Sloe Gin Cake Recipe
an image of Sunken Chocolate and Sloe Gin Cake with Hayman's Gin
an image of Sunken Chocolate and Sloe Gin Cake with Hayman's Gin
100g Dark Chocolate
100g Unsalted Butter - softened and cubed (or dairy free butter)
4 Large Eggs
125g Caster Sugar
75g Ground Almonds (naturally gluten free, yay)
2 Tbsp Cocoa Powder + 1Tsp for dusting

To Serve:
Extra Thick Double Cream with 1 Tbsp of Sloe Gin whipped in or Muller Belgian White Chocolate Mousse (which we used) or Swedish Glace Vanilla Ice Cream (if you prefer to avoid heavy dairy like myself) and of course - Fresh Raspberries.

1. Preheat your oven to 180C or 160C if you have a fan oven like myself. Also prepare a 20-23cm spring-form tin by greasing the sides and lining the base with baking paper.
2. Melt Chocolate and Butter together in a heatproof bowl, over simmering water - don't let the bowl touch the water. You could also microwave - but be very careful when melting chocolate. Once melted pour into a jug and leave to cool for a short while.
3. Whisk the Eggs and Sugar until thick, mousse like and doubled - if not tripled. You can do this by hand but who honestly has the time for that? Stand Mixer or Electric Hand Mixer at the ready guys.
4. Mix the Almonds and Cocoa Powder in a small bowl, then turn your mixer down low and gently whisk into your eggs and sugar mixture, spoon by spoon.
5. Stir the Sloe Gin (or preferred flavouring/alcohol) into the melted Butter and Chocolate mixture. Then slowly pour in a steady stream into your cake mixture, whilst whisking the whole time. It will look like chocolate mousse.
6. Fold by hand, before pouring into your prepared tin and baking for 20-25 minutes. You want your cake to be coming away from the sides of the tin, slightly cracked and bubbled with a thin crust. The cake will be dark and tender under the 'crust' and when tested will leave a few damp crumbs on your cake tester/fork.
7. Now you need to leave your cake in the tin to cool completely, with a clean tea towel over. Once cool you can remove your cake from the tin & dust with the remaining cocoa powder before serving how you wish. We chose to have Fresh Raspberries, Muller White Chocolate Belgian Mousse for those who could have it and if you're like me then - Dairy Free Ice Cream or just the berries - the cake is delicious enough without anything extra.
an image of Sunken Chocolate and Sloe Gin Cake with Hayman's Gin
an image of Sunken Chocolate and Sloe Gin Cake with Hayman's Gin
What are you planning on making over Christmas and New Year? I think this Pudding would be absolutely divine for a cold December evening, gathered with the family. You can easily swap the alcohol for your preferred choice OR leave it out entirely if you have children and add your own extract - perhaps peppermint, salted caramel OR maybe almond if the ground almonds aren't already enough for you and to put a true festive spin on this classic and effortless dessert. This is one indulgent treat to have made its way firmly into our families favourites for years to come. I'll hopefully have time this week to make some more of my traditional Christmas goodies - but if not my sweet treats shall see you in 2018 <3 Lucy x
Disclaimer: Hayman's kindly provided me with the Gin for review consideration, though this post is not sponsored and does not contain any affiliated links.

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