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Fearne // Makeup Brush Review

Hi lovelies, I was hoping my first review about makeup brushes would be about Sigma, well sadly not, sigma have let me down and my brushes aren't here, but everyone else has theirs. Not amused. Anybody else having the same? However I have got some rather amazing brushes to review! I was so shocked at how well these work. You can still pick these up, they are available from all Boots stores and online on their site. These brushes are from the Fearne Cotton range, I saw these last year and thought they were naff. They don't exactly look the most expensive do they.

So the Fearne Cotton range has been out for a few years now, it ranges from all sorts of makeup, bigger gift sets and this year the addition of nail wraps, which my lucky 400GFC winner will get a chance to use. Now the brushes don't look the best. This is why I didn't try them last year. They haven't changed. They come in a clear case, that reminds me of the cheap primary school ones you never used, I was always in Claire's getting the latest. Sad child. You get 5 brushes. Well 10, they're double ended. Not normally a fan of brushes that are double ended. The brushes as you can see are pink. Lately I've wanted pink brushes, there was a gorgeous unknown set floating around on blogs. The 'sticks' I guess, I'm not a pro brush reviewer, are gorgeous. Cute little floral pattern. No need to worry about if the brushes will fall out, because they won't and the actual brush is so soft. They feel so silky on your face. The eye brushes can be a little scratchy though. Can't be perfect for the price you pay. 

The 5 brushes inside:
2x Powder/Blusher Brush
1x Dual Eye Shadow Brush
1x Dual Eye Shadow Brush and Eyeliner Brush
1x Lip Brush

So really you have 10 brushes, since the 5 are double ended:
Face brushes, 1 powder, 1 foundation, 1 blush, 1 angled.
Eye Brushes, Eye shadow x3, 1 Eyeliner
Lip Brushes, x2.

Now I have used all the brushes, but the lip brush, I don't really have any products to use with them. I'm a lipgloss girl most the time, not very often will I wear lipstick. However they do look like they'd be great for lining and filling in. My favourite brush of all, is the foundation. Hands down the best foundation brush I own. It's great. Provides a much better smoother, flawless finish than the rest. It's incredibly soft and smooth too. It doesn't shed and cleaned up lovely. The eyeshadow brushes, don't live up to my urban decay brushes, but the blending brush is amazing, just a little scratchy. These also clean up nicely and don't shed. These are great for in between washing your brushes and for anyone starting off. Now for the blusher brushes, I am a big fan of blusher, I love it. These brushes in this set are amazing, they blend all my blushers out perfectly and pick up powder or mineral fine. My favourite and most used of the two is, of course the angled. I always use an angled for blusher and bronzer. Lastly the face powder brush, not amazing, but it does the job. My usual kabuki's normally do a fab job, but this is nearly up to standards.

I was sent this sent of brushes after PR seeing my big Sanctuary gift set that I purchased, I'm still giving an honest review. The set costs £16. For 10 brushes its amazing. And they actually are great. I really do recommend picking these up to try, at the moment 3 for 2 is still going on, so why not treat yourself to these while you Christmas shop for other gifts. Or wait till the famous Boots sale starts and pick them up for £8. Even better, if there's any left though. I've now come across a lot of bloggers raving about them too. I've used these every day now for the past 2 weeks and washed them plenty of times. They still look brand new. I can't stop raving about them enough, all my other brushes have got the shove. Till my sigma order arrives I'll be using these. So thank you Matt for sending me these lovely brushes! I'm so impressed!

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  1. I'm thinking about trying these out but if I buy any more brushes I'll get in trouble! haha X

  2. i've seen your tweets about your lack of sigma brushes, i hope you get them by christmas. i like the cute detailing on the brush handle.x

  3. I love how pink and girlie these look :)
    I'd buy them, probably if they went down to half price, the £16.99 price tag seems abit steep, or i'm just cheap lol!
    fab review, you've sold them to me though, i love how there double ended!


  4. I know this is me judging on what I see but as much as the double ended idea seems practical in a propper brush holder I think one end would always get damaged. Seem like a nice present for maybe someone getting into makeup though as a strater kit.

    I hope your sigma reach you soon. I am thinking about placing an order for January! haha
    Hope your well lady thank you for your caring tweets ;)


  5. These brushes are so cute! I have looked at them loads in store, to which my sister always says 'you don't need more makeup brushes!', but they are pretty, great being double-sided and a good price! Though I have still yet to even open last years... I may have to get these if there are any in the sales though :)

  6. Really great review. I have no good brushes at all! I need to sort this situation out STAT hahaha

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  7. these actually look really good! I'll be keeping an eye out in the sale.

  8. Thanks for showing us these great brushes, I'm always on the look out for new ones! I'm definitely going to put these on my New Year sale list! XxxX

  9. Those brushes look so cute :) £16 for 10 sounds good to me x

  10. Nice review, I probably would have been a snob about these brushes too because they don't look 'high end' enough, but I should definately think outside of the box!

    Phoebe <3 x

  11. they look small, mite purchase them and use them as a travel kit :)

  12. So annoying about your Sigma brushes.
    At least Matt stepped in to the rescue with these! They sound good and look pretty x

  13. Wow! Those brushes look so cute! I want them! Xx

  14. Thanks for your really useful review on these brushes! It's now 2012 and Boots are still selling this brush set and I've managed to nab them in the post-Xmas sale! Designs on the handles are a little different but still amazing quality, would recommend further to anyone wanting a decent set to experiment with. Many thanks!


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