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OSiS Style Shifters Review // Level 2

Hi lovelies, I'm back with a blog post or a failed attempt to show you the latest products in the OSiS range. Now you may of seen all these blog posts back along entering the style shifters competition. Well I was supposed to enter and was sent the product to use. Well if you all follow me on twitter, you would of read I was super ill and stuck in bed. I felt rotten and looked like death. There was no way I could enter with crappy hair. I did try and my hair was having none of it. So I'm too late to enter the competition and frankly I'm not even a hair novice, I hardly do anything to my hair anymore, it's just easier to have it straight thanks to the GHD's, occasionally I might curl it, though other than this post I can't remember the last time. Rusty.

Level 2.
So the product OSiS Style Shifters comes from the well known brand, Schwarzkopf. The SS's are completely new. The Style Shifters texturize your hair as well as letting to restyle your hair again and again, throughout the day or night, maintaining the hold and flexibility. They come in three strengths, 1,2,3. Level 1 is for a light control, suiting longer, finer hair. Level 2 for medium control, suiting medium length hair and Level 3 for strong control suitable for shorter hair, especially males. (maybe I'll get my brother to let me have a go on his hair with this when he's back for Christmas) Whatever strength you pick, will not leave your hair crispy like a lot of hairsprays do. I think OSiS always get this right with their products. The liquid is just clear and quite watery, smells lovely though, I spray it into my hair and work through the hair, rather than spraying into my actual hair. The liquid comes out of a spray pump. I love the packaging of all three, all bright colours, pink for level 1, green for level 2 or blue for level three. I used three pumps whenever I've tested this out. That's plenty for my hair.

The curlers.
Now onto how I did my hair, now I didn't actually curl my hair, I got someone to do it for me, since I just had bad luck whenever I tried. As I said before I had failed every attempt. Now we are both not hair specialist and pretty simple when it comes to hair. I didn't want curls from the top down, just from about the middle. It's not the best demonstration on how to use these products, but I'll do another few soon, it's hard to find time. I left my hair curly  for a few hours and this held them well, better than hairspray and once curled I used Level 2 to scrunch them up a bit. My hair didn't feel like I had any product in...till I came to wash it. I didn't like washing this stuff out, once water hit my head it felt sticky once shampooed my hair was fine and I went off to the hairdressers to get my fringe and layers back.
So enjoy an amateur's attempt of curling hair & my scrunching.... I have used this on my Mum's hair, but I doubt she'll let me put her on my blog :P

We aren't all perfect :]
To try out a Style Shifter you can pick them up for about £6.95. I'll keep trying mine, who knows I might suddenly become a hair genius...or not. I'll try and post a few more up. Thanks to Lisa for sending me the Style Shifter. x
Items sent for review consideration. No Payment has been received.


  1. I really want to give these a try actually! I do nothing with my hair, I haven't even touched my ghds in about a year haha

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  2. Never heard of this stuff before but it sounds good,your hair looks gorgeous. Hope you are feeling better now, eat lots of chocolate that will help! XxxX


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