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Christmas Nails // Rebel Nails

Evening lovelies, I'm back again with another post tonight, about my Christmas nails. Now remember the other week, I ordered loads of nail wraps from Rebel Nails, well these are my Christmas week nails. I say week, I'll want to try some more patterns, though I'll do my best not to and wait till New Years eve for my next set! I'm still getting used to these wraps, not so easy as others, but I love the designs and the whole company. They're lovely. I've ordered some for my Mum now and I know I've got some from her too. 

So, if you want these for yourself, head onto the Rebel Nails website, these of course are part of the Christmas range and are now reduced, you won't have them for Christmas, but it's still winter, so if you want wintery nails after Christmas or to pick them up and keep safe for next year, go! I'm getting on better with these, my left hand has literally zero baby bubbles compared to my first use, though my right does have few, don't look close, fine. You still need to use quite a bit of heat with these & with this set design I used different numbers (sizes) than I did for the last, so maybe some are cut a little different? You get a stencil to measure your nails. 

So what everyone wants to see, the nail wraps on. I love them, even the boys in my family love them! They seem to be amazed by nail wraps today, I guess they finally paid attention today. The blasting of the hair dryer made them ask away. Then watch. I blame them for the little bumps. Like I said, these are a bit thicker than ones I've used before, so a lot of heat and time is needed to get them perfect and practise! So thank god I have ALOT.

So what do you guys think? Like my Christmas day nails? I think they're cute! I love them. Now if you can't get your hands on nail wraps I have another post with ideas for you coming up, bare in mind I am not the best at nail art. I can paint and do nail wraps and provide you fake nails (mine are real) but nail art, no.

Again if you don't get online before Christmas, Have a wonderful Christmas! Or Holiday you celebrate!



  1. Very festive! i have some nail wraps but scared im going to go wrong! might try them over xmas :)

    Hayley x

  2. ive think its a lovley idea!
    i used them once qabout 3 years ago and kind of failes so now im sticking to spending houers on puttin detail on my nails myself haha , bt otherwise i like it :D

  3. Oh I love them so much! Such a gorgeous Christmassy design! I want some! XX

  4. I love these nails so much, i might grab some reduced pairs for next year :)

  5. very christmas let it snow girl

  6. These are gorgeous!

  7. owww your nails look gorgeous Xx


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