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My Current Perfume Collection // 2011

For awhile now I've been meaning to do a post about my perfumes. I've come across many of these posts before, I guess it's sort of like the What's in my bag posts. It's always nice to see most people I follow love the same perfumes as me or coming across perfumes that would suit me, my Christmas list has a lot of perfumes on. I wouldn't say my perfumes are high end, one or two maybe, lets just say there's no Chanel or Dior, none of their scents do it for me, not the right scent and way to over powering. I'm a girl who like her sweet scents, fruity, musky and very light floral. I'm not into the strong floral your Nan wears. I don't think I ever will.

My first two perfumes, that I wear most days, I switch them around, are Vera Wang, Princess, the original and Thierry Mugler Womanity. Not everyone has actually heard about Thierry Mugler, unless it's the Alien perfume. I've been wearing Princess since Summer 2010 and I'm still on my second bottle now. Both times I've been lucky enough to be on holiday when I'm low on it, since you always save so much abroad. This year away I also picked up Womanity, well I say I, my brother was kind enough to buy me the set over there and let me have it as an early birthday present, it was only 4 days away. Womanity came as a gift set, in a clutch and body lotion for 45 euros, massive saving compared to back at home. Both are the 50ml version. I love both the bottles, Princess comes with a ring on the top and Womanity is so different, the cap comes off attached to a chain. It's so different plus the liquids are pink.
Vera Wang, Princess is a typical girly scent, I know a lot of bloggers do wear it, but not many in my town do, great. This has your vanilla, fruity, sweet and woody scents. Now if this isn't your scent, there's been so many versions of this perfume around, one for everyone. I love it. My ultimate favourite perfume.
Womanity still has the citrus scent to it, oh and is actually one of Lady Gaga's favourite perfumes to wear, for the fans of her. I don't think there's a scent out there that smells like this or even lasts as long! This really does last all day. It even has caviar in, and a top note of fig. It's certainly unique and feminine, that's still sweet but more of a grown up scent.

Britney Spears Midnight fantasy and Britney Spears Fantasy. I used to wear fantasy to death, over the years when I was at school this was my scent, till everyone got it. Joy. I like to be different. It smells extremely sweet, quite like candyfloss. I don't really like it much anymore. If I want a change I'll wear it. Next up the limited edition version that seems to of stayed, thank god, my favourite perfume by Britney, that really, you wouldn't think is by her, so many people ask me about it and are so surprised when I say. In the last two years I've noticed a lot of people coming across this, shame. I don't like to have a scent everyone wears so I tend not to wear it as much. The original, is full of very sweet notes, tropical fruity scents and a little musk. It is nice, just a bit sickly for me now. However Midnight Fantasy is again sweet, but with a little more musk and vanilla mixed in. 

Another three Britney spears, I don't really wear these three anymore, just have them left lying in the box, from when I was younger I went through the Britney craze of trying and buying most of her new perfumes or gifted them. Granted besides the Britney name they are actually nice. Though apparently Britney doesn't even wear her own scent!? I would if I created my own range. All of these are from the Curious range, the 50ml of Britney Curious and the baby size that is 30ml of Curious, followed by the special limited edition In control Curious, I picked this up on holiday last year to try, it was sold out over here. It's definitely different to the original. Not my favourite. I prefer the original. 
Curious is another fruity, floral scent from Britney, not the same floral as in her others, this time it contains 'white florals'. In control curious smells completely different despite still containing sweet fruity and floral scents. It's one you have to smell. Really different to most scents.

Next two, more celebrity perfumes, I don't wear very much at all. I can't remember the last time I wore these, first up is another Britney spears; Believe and Hilary Duff, With Love. Believe was a gift to me, when I was still at school, so I haven't really worn it since I was 14. It was quite different for Britney. While Hilary Duff, With love to me smells like liquorice allsorts. I picked this up last year away, they had a lot of perfumes I'd wanted to try and didn't get at first. I occasionally wear it but it's not a favourite. I like the bottle though, when I had them on display they looked pretty. Britney spears Believe reminds me of a Benefit perfume I'll mention after these, it's really floral, so it's not my cup of tea, where as With love is very sweet and smells like the liquorice allsorts. There's no other way of describing. I'm not perfume specialist.

Last three, two cheap and cheerful perfumes and one by Benefit. Benefit's, something about Sofia, is a bit too floral for me. There's a few more I want to try that are a bit more sweeter, but it lasts all day and is okay for a change, the packaging was gorgeous. I don't have the box now, but any benefit fans will know about how the inside of the boxes are like houses! Then my cheap perfumes Coleen, I haven't worn in years, minus the other day when I was clearing out, it's nearly ran out, so I can make room for any new perfumes I receive at Christmas. Cheap price and smelt good, it's quite a sweet and musky scent. Lastly the So..? Eternal I blogged about this ages ago when I first started! I didn't buy this, I was sent it to review so rather than me go on about it again I'll link the review of it. Despite it's cheap price it's pretty good, if you want to save your pricier perfumes for the evenings out.

That's my perfume collection, do you have any of the featured perfumes, or have had them in the past? & lastly have you featured your own perfume collection on your blog before?

I won't list prices, since it's Christmas, there are so many offers and gift sets in every store, so it's best to have a look around for yourself if you want to try any of the above!



  1. i love perfume! i use lovely by sarah jessica parker. i also love britneys!

  2. Love Vera Wang and Britney Spears perfumes are amazing

  3. I have the Britney ones but only really like Curious and Believe!! I got Vera Wang Princess for my 21st and it is amazing... By far my favourite perfume... I cant wait til my tattoo heals so I can spritz some on my wrists! Xx

  4. i love the Vera Wang princess one, it's on my Christmas list!

  5. you should try Jimmy Choo - its lovely! Also Trish McEvoy Blackberry & Vanilla Musk is oh so nice x

  6. Princess was supposed to be my wedding day scent. Since it went tits up I've kind of being avoiding it :-/

    My signature scent is Chanel Chance which I've been wearing nearly a decade now since I smelt it on a lady on the plane I was On when I was on my way home from working abroad.

    I've worn Hugo red for the past year and have just discovered lady million by Paco Rabanne Which is well sexy. Thanks for sharing Xx

  7. Vera Wang Princess is my absolute favourite perfume! So easy to wear :)

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  8. Oh wow you have loads, I only wear one and thats Burberry Weekend. I love it and unlike most other perfumes, doesn't seem to make my skin itch! xx

  9. I always wear my vera wang -princess, by far my favourite!! and britney spears fantasy, ooooh theres actually one by katie price which i love too, it's called 'stunning' smells sweet =]


  10. I bought my sister Vera Wang's Princess for xmas as its her favourite scent. I love the shape of the bottle :) x

  11. I love fragrance it makes me super happy! I've got midnight fantasy, but my favourites at the moment are Marc Jacobs Lola and Versace Bright Crystal x

  12. i tried Womanity the other day as i am a fan of Angel…its quite nice, actually gets better as the day goes on. its on my wish list x

  13. They sound like lovely smelling perfumes. When I smelt Vera Wang Princess I didn't get on with it but I may try it again. I like vanilla smells too and I'm not keen on strong perfumes either. I am a fan of the Christina Aquilera perfume and at the moment I have SJP NYC which is quite nice and fresh. How many perfumes do you think a girl needs and do you wear them at different times? XxxX

  14. You have a nice perfume collections in here. Perfect scents to all women. Britney Spears is I love the most. :)


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