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New Years Nails // with Rebel Nails

Hey lovelies, this will most likely be my last post of the year!? How fast has the year flown by, especially the last 5, almost 6, months I've been blogging. You know how much of a fan I am of nail wraps, I ordered some nail wraps from Rebel Nails back along, then ordered again, which was a much bigger order for Christmas. After that, Rebel Nails asked if I'd like to try some of the new designs that aren't quite out yet! So preview for you all here. They're bloody gorgeous! How well they picked the design for me, this is a purple and silver glitter lace design. Again these will sell at the normal price, so check out the site for these soon and more designs. As soon as I saw these in my post, I knew these were my New Years nails!

This is what I love about Rebel Nails, the high quality and beautiful designs, that nobody does! I'd love to design my own wraps one day, since I'm such a nail junkie, these would be something similar I'd see myself designing. I'm a massive glitter and lace girl. I'm not doing anything other than a family night in for New Year and a few drinks, these match my outfit too perfectly! I'm not a fan of New Years at all, over rated.

I don't know if it's the wraps or the fact I've now used RN's three times and used to them, but seriously, they heated so much better, most glided onto my nail without any bumps and filed off so quick! I may becoming a pro at these!? The size of the wraps seem better than the snowflakes, I thought my Christmas nail wraps were cut a bit small compared to the previous set. Below I shall link all my nail wrap posts featuring Rebel Nails. 

These get a 10/10 for me! Seriously the best set I've tried so far. I look forward to using all my sets I have. What are your New Years nails?

 For a full review, I'll link you to my first post, I don't feel the need to review them every time! Just the designs. They'll last you a good 7-10 days believe me! Top coat over for more shine. 
The photo's don't show how pretty these lovelies are, bad winter lighting. 

Only a few bumps & sorry for dry skin! Horrid Winter.
I hope you all have a fantastic night out or in, with your family and have a very Happy New Year. Thankyou to the 464 of you that are following through GFC!? It's crazy and to the 34 on bloglovin! To think nearly 500 people read my little blog, it's amazing to have so many to share all my love for new products too.



  1. They look gorgeous, youre so good at nail wraps, im rubbish at applying them!

  2. Wow! They are sooo cool! Happy new year! :Dx

  3. @Zoe Thankyou lovely :D They aren't perfect but by far the best of the 3 ive used from RN :D I love them!!

    @Amy :D Happy new year to you too lovely xx

  4. Your nails look fab, I love the design, I definitely need to try out nail wraps! Happy New Year too!
    Tilly M x

  5. They're pretty. I want to try nail wraps but they just look so fiddly haha. Happy new year! :) x

  6. Happy New Year!!
    I just wanted to tell you I tagged you for the Kreativ Blogger Award, link:

  7. They look great hun, I love the colour and design. Seriously, what did we do before nail wraps!! Hope you have a lovely new year XX

  8. These look stunning! Really want to try them out

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  9. I love these, such a pretty design!
    As you know I'm rocking the Fearne wraps sent by you :) So many compliments on them last night! xx

  10. lace nail oooooooh la la xx

    my blog :


  11. Wow! These look really good!

  12. Oh, so pretty! I've only ever used Minx and Trendy Nail Wraps, looking forward to trying these ones out too now! ^_^

    ~ Lauren <3


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