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Christmas Nails // 8 Nail Art Designs

Hey lovelies, I'm back with a post for those who are lacking in ideas for their Christmas nail art. I went for simple and when you don't actually have all the proper nail art tools still, you make do with what you have. I didn't go out and buy polishes just for designs. I had every colour, maybe not the correct shade, but does it really matter?

My nail wheels finally came, I knew I wasn't having nail art of my fingers, I was using nail wraps this year, so I ordered a pack on 10 for under £2 with shipping. Thankyou Mr Hong Kong man on eBay :D It was going to cost me £2 plus delivery for one single wheel here. Pricey UK. So now I have enough to do 180 nail looks.  I got started on my disaster nail art. It's not too bad, you kind of see what it's supposed to be.

So onto my little creations.

So, from the left, first up is Mr Penguin, I love penguins, I suppose he didn't turn out too bad, he still looks cute. He's pretty easy to do. Paint the nail black, then do a white oval. Add two dots of white for eyes, then two black dots inside and then a brown beak and feet. I didn't have orange.
Second nail, god this one is awful, I have never managed to draw Holly, even back at school, doing GCSE art. White background on nail, three red dots, green leaves and then a glitter top coat for sparkle.
Nail design number three, who doesn't want a Santa hat!? Red background, or as close as you can get, white fluffy line at the bottom for the fur trim and a dot for the bobble. Fill in with a similar colour of red and then outline.
Nail four, a simple Christmas nail, if I didn't have nail wraps this year, I'd have this design on my nails. If you fail at tips or nail art do this. Diagonal tips are easier than ordinary. Start off doing your white coat, then green tip or what ever colour you want, then a glitter topcoat to finish!! Simple.
The fifth nail, not too nice, but, a double tip of festive colour, Green background, followed with a white tip, then a red tip. Then paint on the glitter top coat.
Five easy Christmas nail design for you.

The last three designs.

Mr Frosty. He looks sort of lame, but if you want a snowman or two, paint your nail a pale blue, then a white circle for the head. Start using the black for his hat. Keep it square for ease. Then use two black gems for eyes, one orange for his nose. And lastly more black for his mouth. Simple.
Next up the Christmas pudding nail, this is my favourite! Paint your nail brown, then onto the icing, starting painting lines of white for the icing then fill them in to look like above. Then finish off with 3 dots of red and 2 green leaves. Add a bit of glitter if you want. I did.
Lastly, the simple present nail, I used two polishes from the Muppet's collection, if you want the same glitter as this it is, Wocka Wocka and Excuse Moi, then paint on a white cross and a white bow. It can be painted in many colours.

So I hope you enjoyed my Christmas nail art, I'm not a pro at it, but it gives you ideas for your own! I personally think nail wraps are the way to go, no fussing of having every colour. 


If you want any of the polishes I used comment below or tweet me. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas.


  1. ahhh LOVE them :D im steeling you present nail mwhahaha hehe

    merry christmas xxx

  2. Wow, you are quite the artist. These designs are really cute. I especially love the Christmas pudding design too. :p

  3. The penguin and the snowman are so cute!!

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  4. Ahhh the Christmas pudding is amazing! x

  5. I LOVE the penguin! Merry Christmas x

  6. cute designs! I love the penguin X

  7. These designs are so adorable!
    I love the snowman one <3

  8. aw these are really cool. merry christmas x

  9. I love the penguin and the Christmas pudding! But yeah, no chance of me recreating that on my nails, I'll stick to wraps instead.

  10. Ooh those nail art ideas are cute. Shame I only just found your blog now.

    I'm following you now anyway :) I hope you'll stop by my blog sometime to say hey and of course follow me back if you like it.

    Merry Christmas, I hope you've had a lovely day!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x


  11. These are adorable! I hope you had a nice Christmas x

  12. Wow I love those designs especially the Christmas pud its adorable Xx

  13. That penguin is so cute! Really wisj I could do nail art x

  14. these are so good! I love them,wish I was creatvie like this X


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