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Lush Emotional Brilliance // Feeling Younger

Feeling Younger is the second of the two skin tints from the Emotional Brilliance collection. I wouldn't go as far as calling it a skin tint, it's far too pale, however it's the 'highlighter' of this collection. 20g will retail at £12, just like Charisma from July 21st.
All you need to know:
Feeling Younger is Lush's answer to a cream Highlighter, it'll reflect light to brighten up your complexion without leaving you looking like a disco ball with it's 'magic orange pigment'. Apply to your brow bone & eyelids to open up your eyes, something I need, I never get enough sleep. For a more youthful look apply to cheek bones and to battle any under eye dark circles. Along with the 'magic orange pigment' Feeling Younger is packed with cocoa butter, jojoba oil and almond oil, this makeup won't be so harsh on your skin, providing a silky smooth finish. Sexy it up and apply to your decolletage mixed with your moisturiser.
It's the exact same as Charisma, colour supplements and lip scrubs. Glass jars, with lids that can be taken back to the store to be made into new black pots or lids. I'm quite fond of the Lush glass pots, I have around 10 products that come in them. They're easy to keep clean, they're secure and they're great for decanting.
My opinion:
I haven't highlighted for that long, I normally use Daniel Sandler - Eye Delight - Ice, but like Charisma I've used Feeling Younger every day since I got my hands on it. I really like it. It takes longer to blend in being a cream, but it reflects light so, so good!! It's an every day essential for me. It's more effective used on the cheek bones, but I apply to my brow bone too. This pot will last me for quite some time, but I'll be sure to buy it again. I simply just apply with my fingers.

Disclaimer: Sample
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  1. I went to a VIP party tonight and omg, so many things I want :( waaaaah! xo

    1. Ooo was it amazing as all their parties? I think the tints, powder and liquid lips are the best buys!

  2. Hi Lucy ^^ I am a new follower of your cute blog! Yesterday I went to Lush to see the new collection^^ I really wanted to love Feeling younger but I didn't... It wasn't how I was expecting it, but I bought the powder <3, mascara and a liquid lipstick (Bubbly)... now I really want Sophisticated cream eyeshadow which I choose from the color wheel.. and maybe also two more colors *___*
    I hope you'll come and visit my blog too, sometimes I write posts in english (I'm italian).

    1. Hello! Thanks for following, it's a shame you didn't like it, but everyones different! That's the great thing about Lush letting you really play around with the products. It took me a few goes to get used to it. I'm still a hightlighting newbie :D
      Hope you like the powder, it's wonderful, I'm not too keen on the mascara, I still have that to review, along with the liner and eyeshadow. I use Sophisticated as a base. I want more lipsticks. :)
      Your english is better than my italian ;) I'll check your blog out now for sure


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