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Shea Mooti // Mama's Everything Body Balm

Mama's Everything Body Balm is another product from the brand Shea Mooti I was raving about back along, their soothing leg and foot cream is the answer to everyones long days of shopping. This usually retails at £16.99 but Shea Mooti currently have a sale on, you can pick this up for £11.89, there's also a couple sets with even better savings, including this item! Don't be put off if you aren't a Mum, I'm not, unless you count Chester ;), but my skin sure is sensitive! 
Mama's Everything Body Balm is a blend of Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Baobab and Vitamin E oil. I haven't come across a body butter as thick as this before. Like all of the Shea Mooti products the ingredients are all ethically sourced, another great reason to try out this brand. The balm is fragranced with lavender oil to soothe your skin, while Mandarin oil helps moisturise, stop itchy skin and improve elasticity. Shea butter, Cocoa butter and Baobab oil nourish your skin, making it perfect for the little ones too.

I always love the pastel packaging from Shea Mooti, they always put all the information you need onto their products. They label that it's made&packaged in the UK, with ethically sourced ingredients, not tested on animals and how long the product lasts..just 3 months, however they only use natural ingredients.
How to use:
As far as body balms go, you use them exactly like body butters, they're the same. The Body Balm is pretty solid in the tub (reminds me of clotted cream...), once warmed a little goes a long way and it can get greasy so go careful. Use it on your elbows, knees, feet and even your lips. The formula helps you reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scar tissues, which in turn should leave your skin silky smooth.

How I got on:
When we did have sun in the UK I used this on very mild sun burn, it worked a treat. I didn't peel or itch. It makes a great hand cream too, it gets rid of any dry peeling bits of skin on my hands within a couple of days. Though the body balm is very greasy, it's one to use before you go to bed, it really needs time to sink in. If you suffer from dry lips then try it on yours, it works a so fast, the weather is also making my skin (facial) horrendous so I've been applying this and no breakouts, just use a VERY small amount. The scent won't be for everyone, smells exactly the same as the leg and foot cream, it's fairly herbal, but again fine for after a bath. It's a great all rounder and not just for Mums.
Have you used Shea Mooti before?
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  1. This sounds great! I have a couple of stretch marks so I might try this when a bit of cash comes in, the short use by is inconvenient but probably a good sign as it means there aren't a million chemicals making it last for ever! Lovely review :-)

    1. It is, it's a brand I think most people wouldn't go near to or read about because of the MAMA :P
      But it's great on the lips and elbows and feet, need more pampering for when the sun does show up!


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