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Dead Sea Spa Magik // Mineral Magic

Spa Magik have always been a brand I've wanted to try out, they're regularly appearing in all the hyped up beauty boxes. The products from Spa Magik have been sold worldwide in Spa's and Salons since 1981 for those to bring the luxury of a spa trip home with them for pure relaxation and battle troublesome skin conditions.
Dead Sea Spa Magik - Mineral Shampoo

This mineral shampoo has benefits for everyone, whether you have a dry scalp, suffer from dandruff, need to nourish your hair from all the heat you use, balance your oils or want bounce. How can one product do all that? 

First of all, it smells amazing and the scent lasts in your hair, nobody will know you were really at spa Le shower. The sachet does contain two uses, though it's messy to keep an open sachet safe, I also needed more since I have fairly thick, long and heat abused hair. The formula is fairly runny, much more than my ordinary shampoo's, it's skin friendly, contains harmonized water which is packed full of those dead sea minerals, allergen free fragrance, and no parabens.

How did I get on? I feel like a tramp saying this, but I really don't get dirty, oily hair, I'm also not using many products on my hair at the moment, but I did manage to go two extra days washing. It was tangle free, smooth, silky, full of volume and bounce, everyone noticed, wanting to know what shampoo I'd changed to. It's brilliant. This was after using the following product with it of course.
330ml bottle retails at £8.26. 

Dead Sea Spa Magik - Hair Magic Serum
This product can be used on both dry or wet hair, I used this on wet as a conditioner. For dry hair, take a small amount and use you every other hair serum. 

The conditioner smells the exact same as the shampoo, I used the whole sachet for more of a hair treatment. I left it on for a few minutes while I showered and scrubbed away. The formula is a lot thicker than the shampoo, I expected it to be runny because of how thin the shampoo was, but this has a little bumps in. They all washed out, my hair felt incredible.

The way it left my hair, L'oreal should hire me, I had smooth, very shiny, bouncy hair with no tangles, I still don't have tangles. It's really sorted out my hair, definitely an investment to your hair care routine if you too like to abuse your hair with heat. 150ml retails for £16.60.

Dead Sea Spa Magik - Salt Brushing
Salt brushing is made from 100% pure dead sea salt mixed with citrus aroma oil to give you that luxurious and relaxing spa scent. Like all the products, this contains no parabens, just plenty of coconut oil and vitamin E to nourish, hydrate and even 'anti age', not that I have to worry about that yet. I used the whole sachet in one go and concentrated on my arms and legs, they're the most important.

Despite being all salt, the product wasn't at all rough to my skin, it was incredibly gentle and while exfoliating you could feel the coconut oil nourishing, especially when it came to rinsing off. Though it's not oily like all other scrubs I've used, but it's there, slightly.

I still can't get over the results of the Salt Brushing, the redness and little bumps I find incredibly hard to battle against are still on holiday after a week of using this scrub...once. I'll be investing in this product for years I'm sure. It puts all Lush, The Sanctuary and even Soap&Glory scrubs to shame! A 500g pot retails at £13.30 through the linked site on Spa Magik here, with loyalty points, however Amazon do sell all three for a lot less with free delivery. 

Have you used Dead Sea Spa Magik products before? 

Disclaimer: Samples.
Disclaimer: press sample, for review consideration only, no payment received. see disclaimer page for more.


  1. Definitely interested in the salt brushing, amazing the difference it made for you! x

  2. The salt brushing sounds interesting, I always struggle with finding a body scrub that isn't too rough on the skin.

  3. I also had samples of Dead Sea Spa Magik Salt Brushing, and I must say that I loved it! The most amazing scrub I ever used. I'm planning to finally buy full size. x

    1. So glad someone else likes it, brilliant brand! X

  4. The body lotion is amazing too

  5. I used almost all of their products, and can say nine of them disappointed me. I love dead sea spa magik <3

  6. Not nine, none :D


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